Video: Braga x Hinkle ( *Vale Tudo Classic* )

Ebenezer Fontes Braga  x  Branden Lee Hinkle  -  International Vale Tudo 6  (08/23/98) 


^ Nice the only comment a smart ass, negative one, gotta love this place

 he probably made the comment before u posted the vid, both posts were made "44" minutes ago... anywho....


i always liked braga

heres more

Thanks big time Pro Ice. Ebenezer Braga is one of my all time favorite fighters, and this is one of my very favorite fights of his!

That goes for ranier wolfcastle here too!

Always appreciated pro ice. Phone Post

 You're welcome guys

Braga was one of the first truly well rounded fighters, a real threat to beat anyone at one time

And thanks Bromovich, appreciate all the kind words, bumps, ect

An all time favorite fighter in an all time favorite fight in an all time favorite event. What could be better?

And hey, you don't play the IVC rope and netting game with Ebenezer Braga and expect to get away with it!



Holy Fuck
just realized when these videos were put up lol

you still kick ass pro ice