VIDEO (Brutal): Dude Runs Over Ex Over Another Guy

Dude was like “I need to get the angle right, let me try this again from this angle. Nah, maybe this angle…”

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Did she died?


Not hiring that guy as a hitman


He certainly didn’t want to pay the insurance claim.
I like how he called someone at the end to report the accident.

Sad World.


Note how nobody does anything to intervene. China is fucking savage.


I couldn’t tell if he was so careful because he didn’t want to damage his car, or because he respects other people’s property so much he didn’t want to hit the other cars

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Crazy Asian

Dude snapping pics like he leaving an Uber Eats

bruh is cold af

Any backstory or follow up on this horrific event?

That was gross to watch. She was a whale

Also are we sure it wasn’t an accident? Dude might’ve been trying to park or something


This was in China, not Korea.

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Driver is Asian?

I guess their inability to drive also applies to trying to intentionally run someone over.

I heard in China, if you run someone over, it’s best to kill them or you’ll be financially responsible for them for the rest of your life. I also heard if you stop to help someone in an accident, you are also responsible for them financially for life. I learned that here on these message boards the last time someone got ran over in China and I know for a fucking fact a lot of you also read the same exact thread I read and know of this info just like I know it except I don’t play dumb. This was in the thread where the little 5 year old girl got ran over multiple times and no one stopped to help. That was a big ass discussion and I know a lot of yall chimed in on that one yet play stupid in this one.

This might have started as an accident then turned into murder.


ive heard about similar happening in Taiwan
someone will get hit by a car and that driver essentially has to pay them an annuity or a big lump sum no matter what and that “gangsters” are involved bc they get a cut

not sure about people helping out though

this seems highly unrikrey to me

She was the driver’s ex. the driver was jealous that she was seeing another guy. She died in the end.

threw away his life for a fatty

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He’s more of a… squishman.