Video : Camarillo x Hill

Camarillo, Aoki, Komuro.....That tech is quickly becoming a viable threat. I even nailed it the other day. But to be honest, it was not on the mat, but rather, during a formal business meeting while shaking hands with a new customer. I figured..."I may not get another chance," so I took it. BOOM! Perfect flying juji.

Well, gotta go now....filing for unemployment insurance.

lol I'm funny!

the video says it was the US Nationals. If it was, then that was not Thomas Hill from AUS as it also states.

It could have been the US Nationals and him facing Ryan Reser who is left handed and takes a stance similar to what was in the video. but im not really sure.

i just know if it was the US Nationals then it was not Thoomas Hill.

So what you are saying Josh, is that Chiave "back shave" de Braccio is a big dang liar. Well.....I already knew that.

He doesn't move or appear like Reser at all to me, unless Reser has completely changed his style since this.  There should be someone here that was at the 2003 Nationals that can at least tell if it was the venue in Las Vegas


I am no longer making jokes at your expense. Hilarious or not. You seem like such a good sport, and a decent guy.




You are like some non-talkin video embedding guy. That is a risky entry to juji. I've seen him do it a few times that way. It is unexpected from that angle, but man, your neck seems vulnerable there. But, thats why he is Dave C, and I am not.

Mostly a lurker but at the same time I wanna make my blue name useful so I embed. :)

But yeah...I wouldn't dream of trying to pull off flying jujis. Too dangerous for my taste.

Well, my friend, you are very helpful.


i fought at the 2003 nationals. and i honestly cant remeber where it was-- i just remember blowing out what was left of my MCL.

i think Dave competed in the US Open in 2003 though. this could be a video clip from then, and not the nationals, and it would be possible that he armlocked Hill at the US Open...

I hope the knee is better Josh. You must of had surgery? Being attacked with Osotos and Harais must have been scary.

Updated Info , it aws at the US Open

the knee is what it is... i had it cleaned out of all the fragments, but i
didnt have a MCL replacement-- rehab time was too long and i was in a
rush. still, took me a good 6 months before i was pain free...

osoto and harai didnt scare me though, im a lefty and it was my right
knee, so it didnt get attacked much. what did kill was the rotating finish
for ippon seio/sode, the torque for sasai and playing from the guard
when people tried to pass.

And, this being the US Open makes A LOT more sense.

Sounds painful Josh. Well, as long as you are OK with it, I guess that is all that matters. I have a friend who would drop seio on to his 80% torn ACL. It would make me cringe.

Take care man,

It is definitely Tom Hill of Australia being flying armlocked at the 2003 US open.

That was Hill at the Open 2003, after my retirement.

Hows the land of frosted tundra Dave?

Josh, 2003 nationals was in Vegas. I watched the match in which you ripped out your knee. You tried to stretch out of an uchi mata as I recall.


yea. thats what did it. or, thats what did the final bit of it. i had tooled
that fella before with the same counter... i guess that time i maybe
shoulda thought twice about it. lol