Video Card (PC) Prices??!! Bitcoin?

I guess I’ve been out of the loop.  Got a 4K monitor and kingdom come deliverance, have to set the graphics settings on medium to low just to get 20 fps.  Looked at upgrading my GX970 that I bought for $180 2 years ago and the prices are insane.  The GX970 is now selling for $1000!  Everything else is $600+.


This is from Bitcoin “farming”???  I feel really old all of a sudden.  When is this fad going to end?

Yes, it has killed PC gaming because of the impact it has had on GPUs. I understand there are a few chinese brands that actually test OK. I watched a youtube video on it. That might be your best bet in the short term. 

Invest in AMD Coin.  It's a win win.