Video Card Question

I am thinking about starting WoW up again

would this video card be godd enough for wow?

ATI RADEON XPRESS 200M IGP in a notebook.

Wow that must be a shit card. I thought WoW wasn't a demanding game at all?

That is exactly the same video card i use in my compaq notebook and it
runs WOW ok it gets between 20-30 fps and drops down in some busy
areas like org or doing pvp. My laptop has a amd turion 1.8 processor and

WoW says it is not that demanding, but I used to have an nVidia 6800 that would get choppy when circle strafing people in WSG. Built a whole new Core Duo machine with an nVidia 7900GTX and it's much nicer. I probably wouldn't get anything less than that.