Video clip from Serbia seminar

Hi all,

Here is a clip from my seminar in Belgrade last October.

Enjoy (I hope)

Nice job.

Can you please describe the play by play of the last rolling knee bar on the clip?

just not sure how to finish with his legs crossed...


Nice video Steve----gotta love those camy shorts:).

Yeah, funny to go in Serbia with camy shorts! Dont you think they saw enough of these? Just kidding man.

LOL...can you believe I got those shorts at Old Navy!!  They were actually selling old military grade pants for cheap here in NYC.

Let's see if I can describe it without being to confusing....

Essentially you enter with a scissor. Your forward leg (right leg for argument sake - the way it is in the video) snaking between his legs - not in front of both of his legs. So, your right thigh/hip is in front of his left thigh and your right foot is locked behind his right knee.  Your left leg will drop behind his left knee/leg as is typical in a scissor takedown.  Be sure to keep a tight grip around his neck and load him well when you drop and roll - otherwise you will lose him.  You will be rolling and wrapping (not grabbing for) his right (far) ankle with your left arm. But when you complete the roll you will see that his right ankle has been fed into your left armpit and it is actually his left leg that gets fed to you when you come out of the roll - his legs crossed. Get a tight hold and turn applying pressure on his crossed knee.

Nice, clear enough...thanks

re-watching teh vid with the explanations makes it easy...I'll try this!

Oh, by the way Steve, I started a thread :

"Sambo from a judo point of view? "

If you have the time, I would really appreciate your input on the matter...

thanks a lot

Hey Steve, great clip! Have you done any ROSS training? Some of the solo drills on the vid look similar to ROSS stuff.

Thanks for the kind words :o)

No, I have never formally studies ROSS, Systema, Kadachnikov  or any of those types of styles. But Combat Sambo has some of the same movement philosophies...if it is from the Spiridinov lineage. All this stuff comes from the same cultural place with different accents, outside infuences, and focal points. I have worked out with many guys who do study that stuff and find it very fun to look at similarities and differences.  At that seminar, there were systema, BJJ, and Vale Tudo guys.  It was a really fun time.  In that school, the systema and vale tudo programs run in tandem. A tough bunch over there for sure. 


Sweet! I posted that clip at JudoInfo's Learn Techniques Forum.

Thanks Atreides :o)

Nice vid demo dude :) even as a BJJer i can appreciate :)


Thanks SS!  It was a fun time. A great bunch of guys there.


Couldn't get the link to work, is it still active?


Hey Jet,

I just tried the link posted above and it works fine.  Maybe it was down for a bit but, it is up now. I will soon have it posted on another site and can provide another link if you need one.


Atreides and Nakamura's,

I finally visited the judo forum and saw the thread that resulted from your posting my clip...LOL.  Forums may change but, the peanut gallery does'nt.  I had never visited that forum before. There were some pretty accurate comments too...first, about the stuff being aikido-like. Yes the throws were softer than hard impact throws many are used to. Second, it was a seminar for folks who for the most part never did judo, sambo, or significant jacket wrestling with throws.  They were Vale Tudo, BJJ, and systema guys.  What would be the point of doing tons of fast flashy stuff they could not pull off? Besides, when is there ever time not to slow down work the basics? Thrid, they were most definitely sport techniques...and only a few small snippits of a two day seminar.


Bah, dont worry man. These weird comments where from that Teddy guy who doesnt know anything interesting outside traditional-japanese judo.

As you already guess, I'm Kosen666 on the forum.