Video Clip of Anaconda Choke

People are always asking about the Anaconda Choke on this forum, so I decided to make this clip public.  Here is a link to Denis Kang teaching the rolling Anaconda Choke which he used to choke out Alexei Veselovzorov:  He teaches a ton of details to make this choke powerful and effective.


This is from his instructional video, "My Mixed Martial Arts", which should be available at as soon as it arrives from duplication (hopefully by September 3rd or 4th).


Stephan Kesting

Thanks Stephan!


Thank's Stephan that was a great clip.


If anyone feels like saving this file and distributing it via Kazaa or other file-sharing applications please go right ahead. It'll save bandwidth and ahem help promote the DVD when it comes out.

Ttt for later...

Killer clip. Really looking forward to seeing this dvd.

I just talked to the duplicator and he said I'll probably have them this Friday (Sept 2nd). He could just be telling me what I want to hear, but at least we're getting close!

nice move!


kewl - Thanx as always.

The video is now out!

Check out for more information.

thank you!

Just ordered.  Looking forward to it.

That clip makes this a must buy!