video companies credibility

Tony's service is excellent as is Marco Lala's. I wasn't impressed with Panther's service or product.

I have also had bad experiences with some of the companies distributing martial arts videos. Due to the fact that I run a school, I have ordered many tapes from various companies. I have not ordered anything from Abbu Dabbi. I have ordered over 30 of Mr. Blauers tapes. There is no comparison to any other product on the market. You recieve many times over what you pay for these items. There is so much information in each tape that you will find yourself watching them over and over again, each time getting something new from it. The process of ordering is top rate, everytime I ordered, my shipment was here before I knew it. I'm not sure about anything that's coming out new, but for my hard earned money, the only videos that I will order are from Mr. Blauer. Hope this helps.

Ron Donvito
Fayetteville, North Carolina, USA

order Tony's tapes directly from him...years ago when i ordered my first Blauer tapes from another company, they never soon as Tony found out, within 2 days I had the tapes from Blauer's company before I even got to send the money and ask for a refund from the other place...real commitment from his wife,Matt, and Phil at the office...

if you are one of those busy bodies, get the audio set for your car, inexpensive but as far as info one of those "priceless" type deals from Mastercard :~)

Dear MMA friends

Can you give me some information about the credibility etc of some videostore's. I have good experience with World martial arts but ordered at gomass and still did not recieve my order. Do you have same experience? I would also like to know about your experiences with ordering tapes from Tony blauer and abbu dabbi submission grappling video stores.

erik hein from Holland (europe)


I had written a reply whenyou first posted, but the system glitched and it was lost...

I suggested you take the query to the Underground, but be warned, you will find enemies and advocates for every system, company and person under the martial sun there.

Bottom line is trust your gut.

New & fangled, sounds too good to be true...probably is. Look for a company's longevity and product line and consider what YOUre interests are and go from there.


Just to add, I've ordered a ton of tapes and never had anything but great service from Tony and his staff.

In fact, on the last order a month or so ago, I ordered 3 tapes on a special Tony was having. I ordered them early Monday morning, talked to Matt...and got them late in the afternoon, the next day! Which means the order was processed, the tapes were packaged, and went from Montreal via DHS (DHL?), cleared customs, and got all the way to Arizona in a little over 30 hours! I've never gotten ANY kind of package that distance that fast before!

I meant to call or e-mail, and its a little late now, but thanks, Tony and Matt!

Great tapes, too!