Video:Cro Cop vs Yamamoto


Thanks dy=ude. A link for download would be cool too.

I love how he kicks and sprawls instantly. The HL film showed him training that and he executes perfectly.

Why was yammamoto showboating like that? Usually he takes his beating like a man.

tj tapper


Nice!! Cro cop's like kicks are awsome, wouldn't like to sample those

Thanks BRO HYMN!

That's the video adress

crocop has learned a good sprawl. working with mfs will only make him better. maybe pat will teach him to keep his hands up also.

That was brutal.

Cro Cop's hands continue to look average in MMA matches.

He looked very one dimensional. Left kick, left kick, left kick.

Fedor will hurt this version of Cro Cop.

Doesn't seem like a very good idea to taunt CroCop. I don't think that Mirko poked his eye intentionally he just always seems to put his hands on his face everytime he gets in close enough, rather than keep them in front of his own face he kind of pushes off a bit.

Cro Cop vs Fedor needs to happen, that would be a great fight.


shitdamn, that ninja is f'en fierce!!

thanks for the vid


so Bobish gets beat down then ridiculed after being poked in the eye, and Yamamoto gets TWO time outs mid-match. :(



Thanks BRO HYMM for that cool video.

CroCop has great kicks, lots of snap.

Gary Hughes


I agree goku!! Thanks a lot Bro Hymn!!

Yamamoto has come a long way since his early days.  I'm serious too. 

Cro-Cop keeps his hands low to bait people I'm guessing. Notice that against Silva he didn't do that....and not really against Mino either.

It makes people stay vertical and go after him rather than just shooting takedowns all day.

We'll see what happens against Fedor (if that ever happens), but I'd be willing to bet he keeps his hands up.