video details

I've got spear fundamentals and the mixed
martial arts training video's. And when I
wrote in previously about "how does spear
deal with straight punches", you all launched
into a good discussion about positioning
yourself relative to your opponent so that
a straight punch is very unlikely. etc.
What tape covers that subject best?
And can anyone give me more info on what's
covered in the sucker punch, clinching,and
how not toget knocked out videos? Your
recommendations greatly apprecaited; I prefer
tapes that focus more on drills than on the
theory behind the drills (though both aspects
obviously very important).
thanks. blauer is the man on self defense!

My "Advanced Stand Up Grappling" and "How Not to get Knocked out" Tapes are due in next week so I can only tell you about the "Sucker Punch" tape.

On Science of the Sucker Punch, you are going to first see a portion of one of his classes. They are going to go through some kicking drills and ground engagements. They will then move into the Sucker Punch material. Here you will learn about non violent postures, how the hand is faster than the eye, the importance of spech in setting up a "sucker punch", and various other things that will help prep you for the street.

There are drills that are shown that tie all of the above principles in together. "Sucker Punch" is an outstanding tape and belongs in everyone's video collection. You will gain tons of information from it.

If you are looking for more "drill heavy" (I use that phrase cautiously) tapes; check out "Integrating Boxing and Martial Arts" and "Range Rover" These are two extremely informative tapes as well.