Video Editing Computer

Hey, my friend wants to get a computer for video editing and I told him that he should build one instead of buying a premade one. I came up with a computer configuration for him and just wanted to show you guys to see if you would approve.

ABIT i865PE Chipset Motherboard

Intel Pentium 4/ 2.8E GHz 800MHz FSB, 1MB L2 Cache, Hyper Threading Technology

Corsair XMS Extreme Memory Speed Series 184 Pin 512MB Registered DDR PC-3200 w/ Platinum -Silver Heat Spreader

Western Digital 80GB 7200RPM SATA Hard Drive

Sony Black DVD+/-RW Recorder Drive

ASUS ATI RADEON 9600XT Video Card, 128MB DDR, 128-bit, DVI/TV-Out

I wasnt too sure about the video card but I heard that it was good for just about anything so I picked the 9600XT.


Number one thing is to get a board with raid because the bottleneck is hard drive sustained data transfer rate.

You'll rarely see these figures published as they like to put on some cache and let it score the benchmarks.

Unless he's a technical wizard or a pure hobbyist, I'd still recommend a Mac for this job. Most of the industry uses Mac & thus it's preferable for a number of reasons.


PS Western Digital drives = shit. Definitely better have a RAID if you're using them.


The motherboard comes with raid. So would a mac be better than this computer? What does a Mac have that this one doesnt? I figured this computer seems pretty suped up. Would the 9600XT be a good choice? What harddrive would you guys suggest? I always thought that Western Digital was a good company.


Two drives in raid 0.

I have done some research and from what I found it seems as though this computer would be ideal for video editing. I'm still kind of unsure about the video card though. But from what I read it says that this card is an all around awesome card for just about anything. I checked into Matrox and it seems to be a little too pricey. Other than that I think the only other thing this may need is another harddrive. I'll run two 80gigs in RAID0. Any suggestions?

"What does a Mac have that this one doesnt? "

Working versions of Avid & FinalCut Pro.


drives = Seagate.


I am not too familiar with mac so could someone please post a link to what you think would be a good computer (preferably under $1000).


the only mac you can find for under $1000 is called an iPod.