Video from Bondi touney

Hey guys,

I want to make a short film on BJJ in Australia for a film comp.

Does anyone have any video footage from the most recent Bondi touney? I'm especially looking for footage of the match between Anthony & Marcello.

It doesn't matter if the footage isn't crash hot, I am as interested in showing the atmosphere and the crowd chaos... :-)

Send me an email


Thanks Ben. Any idea of who is putting it together?


20/30 bux?? Jeez! Not much is cheap in NSW these days... maybe cept blue belts, hey Benny-boy! ;)

Thats nasty. :)

very nasty!

got his momma's name and Number :-)


:~| *sniff*

i have it on tape i will drop ya an email soon

what his momma???

Stay on target lads! :-)

justees - did u tape record the video yourself? I need to get permission from whoever recorded it to use their footage.

Anyone else? I remember seeing plenty of video cameras on the day



ttt again.

What about footage from other Aussie tournaments? I'm looking for footage of anything that looks exciting, good throws, sweeps, submissions etc.

The winning movies get shown on Fox sports so it could be a chance to get yourself on TV.

The only disclaimer is that you must have the rights to the footage and be willing to sign a release form to let me use it.


yep i filmed it myself, you can use it if you like. email me your address to and i will organise to send you the tape.