Video games they should reboot

Yea but make it good this time lol. I remember renting the n64 version(I think?) and getting home and playing it for awhile and being so disappointed. It felt broken

Just tried the demo. 45 bucks for full game ouch. Didn’t see anything in the demo about trading players and stats.

You guys play visage? I have it downloaded, heard I should…

big trouble in little china.

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I never even knew they made a game for this movie til your post.

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It was probably the SNES version then. The only decent port was for the Genesis and that wasn’t all that great in the looks department.

Since you trust your kind so much. Your characters even age from season to season and stats degrade


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Road Rash series


You’d like road redemption on pc.

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Any of you guys back playing WoW classic again getting ready for WotLK?

Oh, GOD, those were GREAT games!!!

I bet the would still hold up well today, if you could find a machine that could play them. I tried to load them up about 10 years ago, and they wouldn’t run. :frowning:

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In that pocket, Rogue Squadron, Rebel Assault, & Starfighter were all fun.

Did starwars ever have a “Sandbox” type game? Like a Grand Theft Auto for the star wars galaxy? Flying to different planets and banging space hookers? That’d be cool…

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No, but the original Battlefronts had enough strategic variety to feel a bit open sandboxy.

Never knew they had a LOTR Atari game. They also had a Texas chainsaw massacre and Halloween game for the Atari 2600.

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Me thinks a modern Star Wars sandbox game would be amazing and very popular .

Yes. Star wars galaxies. Was great till everyone became a Jedi.

Galaxies is MMORPG, not open sandbox.