Video: GLORY's TOP 20 KO's

Spike and Glory present "Top 20 Knockouts." This one hour special aired Friday, October 24 at 11:00 p.m. ET on Spike and included the 20 most memorable KOs from the first 18 Glory events dating back to Glory 1 in 2012.

Some great ones here including the incredible Raymond Daniels spin kick KO from Glory 16, Andy Ristie shocking the kickboxing world with his massive upset KO win over Giorgio Petrosyan at Glory 12 and Zack Mwekassa stopping Pat Barry at Glory 16.

Relive some of your favorite Glory moments - or get introduced to the best of kickboxing - ahead of this Friday November 7's return of live kickboxing on Spike: GLORY 18, featuring Davit Kiria vs. Robin van Roosmalen and a Light Heavyweight tournament.

(text taken in part from bloody elbow)

Cool! Looking forward to watching these.