Video - Joe “El Dirte” Doerksen VS

Thanks to Johnny Walls for posting this great Vid/Clip.

Joe Doerksen VS Chris Leben (60MB)
Middleweight Championship Fight
Freestyle Fighting Championships 9
Biloxi MS, USA 5/14/2004
Commentators: Skip Hall and David Ferguson
This is the war from FFC 9!

Please note the beginning and ending graphic of the video. This video is edited from the Bad Breed TV broadcast the day after the FFC event. You gotta give those guys credit!

I downloaded and watched that fight. Wow. One of the best I've ever seen. Fights like that are rare.

my favorite fights include

Doerksen vs. Kang (UCC 11)

Doerksen vs. Leben (FFC)

Squirrel vs. Seagull (Camcorder peanut fight)

Who's the ugly, bald white guy in the video??? He hits hard but damn he's ugly!!!!!

Awesome fight!! Joe looks slick. I wish I had a video clip of him getting drunk at the bar, taking his shirt off and playing with his nipples. Now thats a sight to see!!
Just a quick reminder for all the Winnipeg fighters, It is Rodrigo Munduruca's birthday today and we are all meeting at Earl's on Main St. at 9:00 this evening. He is turning 27 but he still has the mentality of a 12 year old.