Video link to Askren fight?


Sub Phone Post 3.0

Yeah man. Link?

daily motion

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daily motion worked. thanks

Ben looked very solid

I have no idea how talent his opponent was but that was a nice takedown he hit on Askren, looked like it caught him off guard Phone Post 3.0

That was not a boring fight. Phone Post 3.0

Ch1ef - That was not a boring fight. Phone Post 3.0

Hell no, awesome as

I really wish Ben had signed with the UFC but props to him for making the most money possible.  Hopefully he becomes a star over there

Thanks! Ben looked good Phone Post 3.0

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That dude came out with the big take down, but Ben turned it around quick and punished the dude.

Nice fight!

Hopefully,alot of advertisers don`t watch that video.In this money driven,copycat world we live in,they will be throwing in commercial advertisents just like that video.