Video: Mark Bocek Update

The Fight Network catches up with UFC lightweight Mark Bocek to discuss his status in the UFC's lightweight division and his upcoming clash with Benson Henderson at UFC 129 in Toronto, Canada.

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 Thank you.

great little video.

bocek is still at least 3 wins away from a title shot, and that's not impossible.

I love that when Mark says he has the best jiu-jitsu in the division, he includes BJ and all the top guys. He is not screwing around.

He also speaks his mind on Henderson and Cerrone. Good stuff.


He used to be a humble champ.....

unfortunately being humble doesn't sell very well, so you are kind of forced to be a "bad boy" in order to attract enough hype to keep the fights coming


He's showing confidence and doing his job from a marketing standpoint, but not being a dick.

Seems just right.

TTT for Bocek Phone Post


 A written article about Mark: