Video:Mark Hunt vs H. Amada

wow, Hunt rules




He is not a tomato can though. He is a pretty good Japanese HW.


Poor Amada, he had no business fighting Hunt.

Great Job Mark Hunt, You have some skills man.....

That announcer was WAAAAY over the top! lol @ "Amada has taking more shots than a (something, something) at happy hour."

Mark Hunt will be perfect for MMA.
He seems to have a body type that hard to submit and Take down.

Oh Yeah, he is also one of the best in K-1.

that announcer rules!

thanx bro hym

Amada is actually pretty good for a Japanese heavyweight, which makes it kinda scary. I think his fight with Hug (I could be wrong) in the prelims for 98 or 99 was great until he got caught. Every fight I've seen of his after that he looks pretty sharp and skilled, just not fast enough.

damn that hurt.

hehehehe... knocked the fuck out!

Imada is okay, but in general the Japanese K1 fighters aren't really up to par. Satake and Musashi are really the only major threats but Musashi is VERY hot and cold and Satake has been past his prime since '98.

Hunt's a tough guy and really likely could do okay in MMA. We're seeing guys like Cro-Cop, Sylvia, and Cabbage do okay with a primarily striking offense and I think Hunt's chin and power could go a long way with the right trainers. The lack of grapplers at heavyweight would allow someone like him to enter the sport, but who knows if he's even interested.

Hunt is one of the baddest motherfuckers on earth, he took a Cro Cop kick to the head full force, and got right back up and kept fighting.

I thought Hunt was from NZ, oh well... I guess not

As far as i know, Hunt is from New Zealand.

Peace and''um grande abraço''

nice ko

Thx for the vids bro hymn.

Love to see Hunt train with a good MMA camp for a year and enter MMA. What a striking machine he'd be.