Video: Mauricio "Shogun" Rua (Early Fights)

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To clarify in case there's any confusion, the Shogun/Shoji fight wasn't working but now it is working. So when Pro Ice says "Shoji fight fixed", he didn't mean it was a work, he meant the link is now working.

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OnlyTheStrongSurvive - Is the entire IFC: Global Domination tournament on those channels the Shogun fights were uploaded to? I've never been able to find that whole tournament Phone Post
I found that whole tournament on DVD for $7, pretty sure forest griffin triangles chael sonnen on there too Phone Post 3.0

Where at? And yes he did. That tournament had a lot of guys who were big names or future big names. Phone Post

Pro Ice -

Shoji fight fixed

Here's the IFC tournament  OnlyTheStrong

Video: IFC Global Domination LHw Tournament (2003)

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man that babalu shogun fight. grueling as fuck

thanks man

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Lots of great stuff here. Thanks a lot Pro Ice, some favorites, some early stuff I haven't seen or have forgotten.

Look forward to viewing later.

His arsenal was too good with 4 point attacks. Not so much with the unified rules. Phone Post 3.0

watching now

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These are great. Thanks OP Phone Post 3.0

WAR Shogun!!!

Pro ice you've done it again! Thanks! Phone Post 3.0

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