Video: "Mayhem" vs Trigg

Jason "Mayhem" Miller vs Frank Trigg  -  Icon Sport:  Mayhem vs Trigg  (12-01-06)


Big fan of both. Bad gameplan by Mayhem. Always wanted to see a rematch.

 thanks for posting this.  Tjay Thompson and I promoted this show...lots of great memories.  simple stuff, like the awesome chinese lion pre-main-event show.  also, that event was my favorite Icon poster that TJay and I ever came up with...

^this is an early draft...the TBAs were later filled in

also, my favorite interview i've ever conducted was with Mayhem a few days after his loss to Trigg. Jason usually clowns around - win or lose - but in this interview we captured a more honest and serious version of him.

this is my favorite mayhem fight, thanks for posting

For later.

Thanks ohfer, and your welcome Patrick, cool poster and great interview. That was a great post on the SuperBrawl 13 thread, you are a lucky man.

You know there's something about the events in Hawaii, (FutureBrawl, SuperBrawl, IconSport, ect) that just seem to make the fights so exciting . I'm sure a lot of it has to do with the rules stomps, knees and soccerkicks being allowed, but i think most of it is the fans, they truly love a good fight, and they let you know it. Where else do you have someones sister or friend run in the ring to save their loved one. haha

 its so odd seeing trigg defend a rear naked choke successfully

TTT thanks Phone Post

Trigg beat him bad.

I'm not keen on Mayhem.

But the guy has heart and can take his lumps.

Got to give credit where its due... Mayhem is a dick but he is a fighter.





holy shit i am so glad i had my volume all the way up when i started that video.