video of a guy walking his kangaroo in Detroit





i guess the OG must see this kind of thing all the time.

You sure that isn't a wallaby? 

Lol. I've seen people with pet wallaby's, but never a full sized kangaroo.

Well that's something new where do you even get a kangaroo.

Will be hilarious when that thing kicks the living shit out of him lol

I always thought a pet wallaby would be the most pussy gettin'est fucking pet you could own.  The bitches at the park would flock to the guy walking a mini kangaroo. 

should have got one them game jacked reds.

KickAssMcRad - AKA Idon't Portal -

You sure that isn't a wallaby? 

i think so but i am not an expert by any means.

the roo was a victim of mugging later that day

Looks like a wallaby.

My brother had one for a while. It was awesome