Video of Joe Rogan getting his black belt


Congrats Joe. You are able to verbalize what it is jiu jitsu has meant to so many. And you return the favor by spreading the word. Thank you Phone Post

Congrats Joe! Huge accomplishment. Phone Post

Super cool. I was actually just finishing up with practice at my gym when I saw this announcement. I told the kid next to me. Within 5 minutes it seemed everyone in my gym knew. Such a huge accomplishment that is being enjoyed, inspired by many. Phone Post


Finally just heard about this. Big congrats to Joe.

Sub sammich. Phone Post

 Congrats Mr.Rogan!

Your words at the end were very powerful to me. What a great attitude,you continue to impress me. Now if we can all quit smoking satans lettuce imagine.......the possibilities. It has a way of showing you the world in a different light but come back and use that wisdom,unlock your full potential. I hope you will use your gift to help troubled kids.One man can make a DIFFERENCE. You would make an excellent role model with that attitude.


Congrats !!! Phone Post

great speech Joe, and congrats!

You said you had been a brown belt for eight years which would put that at 2004.

Curious as to what years you were promoted to blue and purple. Also, did Eddie promote you to purple and brown or was that by Machado?

pretty cool, I stopped it when Joe started his usual rambling psycho-babble Phone Post


Listen to this speech on a weekly basis. Just coming back to thank you for posting and to thank the man himself, Joe Rogan! Hope he realizes how many lives hes changed for the positive with his podcast and all the other things hes involved with. Phone Post