Video of me getting ktfo'd

Prior to this I had him in a triangle which he could not escape. We were close to the ropes and the ref actually lifted the ropes and then he pushed me out of the ring. I got up and looked at the ref (the rules for the fights, UFCF, state that if you get caught in a submission and push your opponent out of the ring=tapout).

I did not protest as it was my last fight, and nobody cares if you win later on in some office on paper.

the zayex link is the end of the Charlie Pearson fight

the 18th is day #30. I should have green name. How do I get that remedied? Should I just continue as the Douche or when I go back should I be Yelm the Mullet? (ignores the fact that he is bald, goddamn alopecia)

Also my sf video is now available with sound on the sf thread.

why no green name ?

ttt for me getting a green name, and a shot at BJ Penn.

The mullet would have saved you, all ph33r d4 MULL3T.

He is a tkd black belt and has a really good team here in the NW. I believe he has fought in Shooto since.


I used to spend every waking moment either training or thinking about training as a result my marriage failed and I was too content to stay in dead end jobs that allowed me time to train. I was not on a level to do it as a career and in the end it quit being fun.

I am going to start training again soon but no plans on fighting, unless Dana White sees this and thinks he's got the next Lee Murray (minus a quality opponent in the streetfight)and decides to have me fight BJ Penn. I fight cheap 5K with no winning incentive.

That was the first time I had ever seen a spinning back kick land that was not on the big screen, what are the odds?

but you fell really nice, honest............ ya gotta admit, it was a really fast spinning kick........ ouchewawa

and why don't you have a green name already?

God damn, that was a nice kick.

Ouch. Well at least you had the balls to show it on the UG. Better luck next time!

Damn, talk about getting KTFO!

Why was that your last fight?

There is another fight where I got ktfo'd from a punch in the first ten seconds. I continued and fought pretty well. I have no memory of the fight aside from seeing it on tape. My memory is me walking out to the center and circling, backing straight up to avoid punches...waking up in locker room.

I definitely respect the fact that you put a video like that up. It is easy to put up a HIGHLIGHT vid, but to humble yourself and put that type of video says a lot about you, IMO.

It is obvious that you have balls, because you got into the ring in the first place, but even though you lost, you gained a new fan in me because of your humility.

Good luck in the future! :)

Off balance I think, plus I was pissed that the ref allowed him to push me out of the ring when I had a triangle locked on. He was more than just a tkd guy. I think he trained with Hume, although that may have been after I fought him.

That must have left a mark.