video of my fight from sunday

It was against forum brother EK

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What were the rules...was this a Class strikes to the head on the ground?

What event was that?

Good job.

Was that you that won?

it was the so cal pankration tourney

no strikes to the head were permited period. I knew he was a kickboxer so I decided to take him down first chance I got.

and yeah thats me that won


"it was the so cal pankration tourney"

Wonder if they have these types of tourneys on the east coast in and around NYC. I don't mind getting punched in the gut or thai kicked, but it would seem I'm allergic to punches to the face :)


Good thing to see.

Nice job Useless!

145 and under

and naw i didnt feel the leg kick, I knew it landed but I didnt feel it.

My second fight was better, I'll post it as soon as I get it up

Nice, I sent a small highlight video of the youth comp to google video's but it hasn't come up yet.

I'll do one for the adults soon.

did you guys get my fight with Noah on tape?

I'm pretty sure we did.


Pink gloves!!!!! OH YESSS!!!!

I love the ref's dance at the beginning.

Nice match, bro.

Nice work useless

Nicely done useless. Hey when you hear the guy get called in the background, "from Cobra Kai", did anyone else feel like they were watching The Karate Kid?

Geese Jones

good job. but pink is your color!!