Video of my recent fight (link)

I've been wary of posting this because I fear harsh criticism... although I need it. Anyway, these are from my Facebook page so you will have an account and be logged in for them. I'm in the black and white trunks.!/video/video.php?v=448191804521!/video/video.php?v=448184284521

The vid doesn't have the end but I'm assuming you won? Good job getting in there. Here's a few helpful tips.

You are bouncing far too much on the feet. He anticipated your strikes because you'd stop bouncing, then throw. Work a little more on sliding and gliding.

You are retreating straight back, you need to be moving side to side. The biggest shots he landed were when you were backed up off his jab and he pursued with a right. Circle away and that right hand wouldn't have a home.

You look like a jiu jitsu guy if I had to guess, you did good things on the ground. Striking from your feet will always generate more powerful strikes. You used the cage well.

Anything else you are concerned about?

The third round was all him and I won a dec, 29-28 on all score cards. There are links to youtube pages with the 3rd round and dec on the page with the Rd 2 video (my cam died and a friend put the vids he took on youtube).

I wasn't looking for specific advice, but those were very helpful observations. I have worked on not backing straight up in training, but obviously it's still a problem for me. Thanks for the pointers, brother!