video of my recent training day wi

I recently did a training day for the Royal Marines and Army. The whole day was filmed by . To take alook at the first part of the vid go to This one focuses more of the training side and the next one to follow tomorow I believe has more of the fun stuff, me driving the tanks etc. check it out.

Is the sun the paper that always has the hot 'bird' everyday?

The Count is "Good for the Sport" -

P.S. - I'm still laughing at England losing to Croatia and their elimination from Euro08 -

yep tats the one. They now do a huge online sction devoted to mma. Not quite as good to look at as the page 3 girls but still worth checking out.

Bisping - Where can I find of vid of you kickboxing Da Snake?

I've been trying to find that one for some time.....

Also - who's your favorite EPL team -

Time for one more - Lostprophets - Thumbs up or Down?



TTT, good to see you posting Michael!

you can see the vid of me and the snake online somewhere but its highly edited with all my good bits taken out and all his left in,

Whats an epl team?
Lost prophets, thumbs up.

Nice -

English Premier League - I'm assuming you're not that much of a football fan....

Anyway - best of luck with your career Mr. Bisping -

not a massive football fan no.

Good soccer is for fags


Has Guy Ritchie approached you yet with a part in one of his projects?

no, so if your reading this guy, Im waiting.

"Good soccer is for fags YES SOCCER "

I don't want to hijack this thread so I'll only respond to this rubbish once -

Go ahead and call this guy a fag and let me know how many yards your head flies soon after -

bet that guy can kick a ball

hey mike, thanks for answering my question about who you would train with.

I've got to agree, training with D'amato would be unbelievably badass. Good luck at 185!


Michael, good luck in the MW division, man. I hope you do well.

Thanks for adding some new competitive blood in the middleweight division.

TTT for the Count