Video: Pascal vs. Dawson Preview

The Fight Network takes a closer look at Saturday's WBC light heavyweight title bout pitting French-Canadian warrior Jean Pascal (25-1) against unbeaten powerhouse Chad Dawson (29-0).

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Dawson will win this one.

Chad is a BAD motherucker.

For my money, i'd say he's the best boxer on the planet not named floyd mayweather.

Chad Dawson is a very good boxer.

His skills are decent all round, good footwork, punching technique and his defense seems in order.

Michael Buffer is getting ready to say his patented -'Let's get ready to rumble' right now. We will know in a little while.


Dawson comes out flat and inactive, waiting to get going far to long and then the headbut.

Chad should have and could have gone in and destroyed Pascal from the opening bell. Why the hell did he give away so many rounds. Clearly the better boxer but left it all in the dressing room until the late rounds.

Agreed; strange fight.

CD was clearly the superior boxer, but wasted a lot of time.

JP's got guts, but inferior ringmanship. He landed a couple of bombs, clearly was winning the fight.

Where does CD go from here?

rematch?...especially given the controversial ending.