Video Problem

Maybe someone can help. I have a video problem, the video seems to work fine except when a game or other program tries to play the cutaway movies (like in age of Mythology or Warcraft 3). When the movies tries to play, the computer(or monitor) makes a high pitch whining, the images split into three or four different images and there are lines through them(horizontal). It only seems to happen when these movies play, the rest of the time the video is fine. I am running an AMD 1800, with a Ge Force 2 64mb card. It is running under Windows ME.

Thanks for any help,

If the movies are playing from the CD, it could be that your CD drive is on the fritz. (Just a guess)

Oh sorry, no they are playing from the HD

but what makes the high pitch noise, can u narrow it down

what video games are u trying to play with a gf2 64MB?

do u have anorther video card to pop in and test?

I think it is the monitor making the noise, it makes the same noise when I change the refresh rate. I am trying to play Warcraft III, and Age of mythology. I don't have anyother cards.

Could be a bad monitor then, If you can try a different one...

Thanks Joker,
It is the monitor, it only supports up to 640x480 in 16bit color so when the games pop to a higher res it is scrambling the picture sigh all that work when it was the monitor all a long. Now I just need a new monitor.