Video Question

I'm thinking of purchasing one of Tony's videos for my sister for self-defense purposes. She has taken a semester of college taekwondo and judo which taught limited self-defense techniques. She seems interested in those but not as interested when I brought up buying one of Mr. Blauer's videos for her to learn from. I would like something that would spark her interest, hopefully even enough so that she would get more (so I could watch too ;)), and something which would give her the tools she needs to protect herself, but I have no idea where to start. I remember there being a rape-related video (?) but can't find it on the website's product list, only the women's self defense set being most relevant.. But in any case I would like forum members and hopefully Mr. Blauer's opinions on the matter.

I'm sure Tony will respond but this might help you a little: go to "view archives" and then click on the thread "video reviews"- there is a link there to alot of Tony's videos so you can get a better idea-

Hope that helps :)


The womens self defense video set that is one the web site, is the Rape Safe video series.

I own all of the Blauer Library and I believe that the womens tapes are the best in my collection. It is just not for women and has alot information and tactics based upon the SPEAR system.

Have a look at this series and good luck.

Robb Finlayson


You can't go wrong with the Rape Safe video. This is one of the finest "realistic" training tapes out there. When coach takes you through the cycle of behavior, you will be totally blown away. I am revamping my women's program after having bought the video and attended the PDR weekend. I strongly recommend Rape Safe. There is a review of the training video at Check it out.

Good Luck.

Thanks guys, thats the information I was looking for. I hope she learns everything she can from it, otherwise I know I will (but I think she already got that hint).