(Video)Rampage on Liddell


Plenty of gems from "Rampage" as usual in this video of his conversation with reporters after his open media workout. Touches on Liddell falling asleep during the Texas morning show interview, the 2003 fight with Liddell, training, why people should have to be liscensed to be fans and much more.

Look for around 5:15 for Jackson's answer to what his biggest concern with fighting Liddell is. A can't miss deadpan answer.


Also, please let me know if you are having any problems downloading and viewing the video.


Thanks DonkeyKick. Did the video download and play alright for you?

I think because he believes that BJ Penn is the best fighter in the world

What's happening for you DVN? what happens when you click the photo?

I dont think BJ is the best fighter in the world.

I'm on a DS3 network connection and had some buffering issues... going to download the video and watch.

Thanks Finnz

Elias - your work on Inside Fighting is very good. Keep it up.

Thank you WAR, I appreciate you always reading and giving feedback on here.

This file must be huge. I was struggling to DL it... the time remaining was "unkown"... and watching it streaming buffered a few times. Maybe you should decrease the file size.

Good interview, thanks for posting it. Rampage is a naturally funny guy.

Are you the nosey Chinese guy holding the camera? LOL

lol, no I'm not. And the camera guy isn't Chinese either, nor nosey imo. Yeah, it took me several minutes myself and that's why I wanted to know if others are having problems with it. For some reason I keep on having issues with making files too big. Are there easy ways to decrease the size of a file?

^ Everytime that dude asked a question... Rampage gave him a hard time! He asked someone else "did you understand that question?" and "Can I get a translator?" "Damn you nosey!" "What language are you speaking?" "Are you Chinese?" LOL

Someone else would be better at helping you decrease your file size. Sorry.

Finz, I know he was heckling the crap out of our guy, lol.  No sweat, we'll be getting the nag of the file size issues soon. Thanks Millhouse

Hey Elias...Do you mind if I embed this video?

For the forum here? Yeah, at least for the time being. Thanks for asking though. What I want to do is start having the videos on the site so that readers don't have to download them anymore.

Use Dailymotions bandwidth & Storrage, it's free.

Set your vids to private, and just embed on your site.

Thanks droplogic

Thanks EM, I'll go take a look at that now.