Video: Rashad Evans at FightFest tournament (2004)

 In June 2004 Rashad Evans entered the Gladiator Challenge "FightFest" two day, 8-man tournament in Colusa, California

Other tournament participants; Hector Ramirez, Bryan Pardoe, Dave Vitkay, Brian Sleeman, Alex Berneck, Anthony Ruiz, Jaime Jara

Rashad Evans vs Bryan Pardoe  -  GC 26: FightFest  (6/2/04)  Quarter Final 

Rashad Evans vs Hector Ramirez - GC 27: FightFest  (6/3/04)  Semi Final  

Rashad Evans vs Jaime Jara - GC 27: FightFest  (6/3/04)  Final 

iPhone:  Evans vs Pardoe  -  GC 26  Quarter Final 

iPhone:  Evans vs Ramirez  -  GC 27  Semi Final 

iPhone:  Evans vs Jara  -  GC 27  Final 

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 Has Rashad always been a southpaul?

 Not sure D2, pretty sure he fights orthodox now