Video: ReMix World Cup 2000

ReMix World Cup 2000 was a mixed martial arts event that took place at the Nippon Budokan in Tokyo, Japan, on December 5, 2000. The event featured a 12-woman single elimination open weight tournament, fought under mixed rules.

Gathered where some of the best female martial artists from around the world. Notable participants included; Becky Levi, regarded by many as the best female fighter in the world at the time, Russian Olimpic Judoka Irina Rodina. Erin Toughhill from the US, Japanease professional wrestlers Kyoko Inoue and 5' 2" 115 lb Megumi Yabushita, Marloes Coenen from team Golden Glory in Holland and tournament favorite, Russian Olympic Judoka 6' 4" 320 lb Svetlana Goundarenko (winner of the first all womens L-1 tournament 1995)

ReMix World Cup 2000 is considered by many, the greatest all women's 'mma' tournament ever


ReMix World Cup 2000

Tokyo, Japan

Dec 5, 2000


Tournament Opening Round:

Becky Levi vs Miwako Ishihara

Junko Yagi vs Floor Holman

Erin Toughill vs Irina Rodina

Svetlana Goundarenko vs Kyoko Inoue

Marloes Coenen vs Mika Harigae

Megumi Yabushita vs Bambi Bertoncello


Super Fight:

Atsuko Sakuraba vs Tatiana Kovochinova


I highly recommend this, must see for fans of WMMA

classic small vs big!

That fat  tall chick with blue pants almost got a chunk of arm bitten off by that wrestler, she didnt wanna let go either! One of the earliers yellow cards I have ever seen in WMMA,


even the biggest chick has more gastank than mayhem miller





Marloes Coenen  vs  Becky Levi  -  Remix World Cup  (12/05/00)

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