Video sale!

I am currently having a 15% discount sale on all my instructional videos. When you order online, the discounted price will appear in the shopping cart. You can order at

You can also order by calling me at 408-531-1001 or e-mailing me at

The reason I am having this sudden sale is that I just realized that I have been a victim of a check fraud scam. To make a long story short, I got scammed for $3,800 and the bank says that I am responsible for the money. To top it all off, I am told that in a couple days, my bank account will be frozen until the bank recovers the money back from me. So basically, I need to raise some funds fast!

So, I appreciate anyone who can help me out and order something. Thanks.

Michael Jen

Holy Crap! Shouldn't the bank be federally insured? Did you make a police report? TTT for a great sale as well.

I made a police report, but the bank doesn't consider it their problem unless they can't collect the money from me.

TTT for Mike!

ttt for 15%

TTT- I feel your pain BTW, we were scammed and I was
simultaneously the victim of identity theft last year.
Naturally the bank didn't feel it was there problem in either case.
Brought new meaning to the phrase hitting you coming and

Sorry man!

I have been freakin scammed twice. One in
Indonesia, and one somewhere in the former
Yugoslavia, I forget, scamovakia I guess.

I even made some enquiries, which results in
people laughing, basically, if they even notice.

Sorry to hear that Bolo, I wish you luck in resolving this situation!---Robert


I feel your pain. Is it that wasy for people to rip off other people? Damn.

I am going to look into your pin escapes series.

Hope things get better.

How do people perform check fraud. A serious question.

I'm not sure if I should go into how to perform the scam. I don't want to give some people an idea or game plan on how to do it.

With 15% off, I will definately pick up a couple tapes/dvds. Not to mention help out in the only way I possibly can. Good luck, and hope everything works out.



Bolo has some of the best videos on the market


I bought the Basic Guard Passing Set and it was pretty good, lots of details and explanations. BTW, what would you guys say is #1 thing to do to avoid being a victim of ID theft? Shredding all documents?

it actually wasn't identity theft. basically, it was a counterfit cashier's check paid to us.

live and learn, i guess...


TTT for U!

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ttt for bolo