VIDEO: Sam Pai Kenpo

These videos demonstrate Sam Pai's deadly art of STRIKEBACK, just as he described it.

Go to the 'movie' section of the page and click on which technique you want demonstrated.

If his art is not displayed well enough, you can also check out these informative sites:

That should give you all the information you need on STRIKEBACK.

Remember, this art took 35 years to develop and its inventor (Gary Hughes) can hit harder than Tyson.

ttt are obviously proud of yourself, but the funny thing I see is your obsession with me. I know you wish I was your Dad and I don't blame you. I wish my Dad had all the fighting knowledge I possess. I'm not your Daddy, danny. If I was your Dad, I would have taught you some respect and manners. Get a life dannyboy and get over this unnnatural obsession you have with me.

Gary Hughes, not dan's dad

lol at Dantheman

Why do people dog Gary so much? He seems to have a good knowledge of TMA, and is usually respectful and levelheaded.'re right, this is the UG, and those qualities are despised here! =(

LMAO I looked at some of those links and that site is hilarious.

dantheman2...if it's male companionship you are seeking, you can always contact UG member Dougie. Dougie is always trying to bond with other guys. I think you two would get along very well.

Gary Hughes

If his opponent has a groin, it is safe to bet on


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dantheman, all this shit does is make you look like an insecure 7th grader.

Racer X has groin kicked the correct.

Gary Hughes

Give the guy a fuckin break already.

Haven't you anything better to do?

It is crazy how some of the men on this forum continue to beg for footage of Gary... you know that they are haters trying to further some sick ROMO agenda...

It is funny. Also true.

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Wow! Finnally the mystery of Sam "the pathelogical liar" Kempo has been discerned.

Sam: This thread represents the only worth-while contribution you've made to the world. You should be thanking Dan.

this forum is full of beautiful people

KWJ-K-Dhira is correct.

GlenDanzig and dantheman2 are really have a lot in common. You guys should become a couple, or maybe you already are. Oh well, to each his own, be proud.

Gary Hughes