Video: Shogun - Shogun 1 (2001)

Would love to hear more about this story…

I was on Paul Smiths "VIP" list when he had a show.This is before I became an employee of the IFC.I couldnt make this show because it was in Hawaii & I lived in California.Well,I get a call from him asking if I could send him $400 & he would make it up with tickets to shows in California.One time after not being able to make a show in Northern California he asked me why,and I told him that I was broke.He then offered me a job with the IFC being on the Road & Cage crew and the rest is history.

Damn, all and all seems to be a great use of $400!

Old IFC logo

New IFC logo


The copy I have is pristine both in audio and video quality. The main menu does have the “new” logo. Are you sure this wasn’t re-released?

Also, I went through and skimmed the video…this is the real deal.

In my earlier post I called it redistributed.This event was in 2001 and the IFC logo was different.

Well… in any event I have it. Lol. Is this still considered rare if they put out a professional copy?

I believe that the event wasnt available in DVD form when the thread was posted.Im going to see if it`s still for sale.


Let me know how the search goes. I’d hate to make a big production about posting a video that’s readily available. Lol

Well son-of-a-gun.It is still available for $32.99 :frowning:

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