Video Shows Police Fatally Shoot Grandmother With Dementia In New Mexico Home

Why couldnt he shoot the blades out of her hands!?

Many people here are martial artist. I hope we have all learned and practiced knife defensive and disarming techniques. I know I have. Besides, she was a frail old grandmother with dementia.

You can even grab a broom or a mop handle, your belt, so many things in the house and use for self defense. There is absolutely no reason to have to kill an frail old grandmother with dementia, even if she is holding 2 knives in one hand. Holding 2 knives in one hand should have been a sign that she was confused.

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lol she woulda made ur bitchass swiss chesse bitch

Are you that much of a P#ssy? Scared of a frail old grandmother with dementia.

Yes I’ve learned knife disarming techniques. The first thing they always tell you I’m those classes is”you’re going to get cut.” The officer has no obligation to get cut. He had a right to self defense and a responsibility to defend others. You have to be trolling about picking up household items. Yes, there are things on a police officer’s belt, none except his gun is appropriate to address a lethal threat.

I see an opportunity to get away with killing a woman I snap call. Your dumbass would be trying to do some aikido bullshit, everyone in hell would be laughing at you.

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I’m not talking about the officer when I say to use household items. I was talking about me if I lived in the house with her or as a civilian. I don’t expect the officer to use anything but his issued service weapon. I don’t even expect him to use a taser in this situation.


Some other dude in hell, “So ya had a gun and decided to use your aikido knife disarm instead? LOL DUMBASS!”

He should have just shot the dimentia out of her head

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why did he wait to shoot her when he was clearly in fear for his life the second he saw the woman

Only blacks get killed by police

Already answered.

I don’t think this old frail grandmother with dementia would have been killed by this homicidal piece of sh!t police officer, if she was an old frail White grandmother with dementia. Blacks, Mexicans, it makes no difference to him. The country would be better without either.

Couldn’t disarm a demented old lady. Pathetic

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Haha. Twice I spelt it like that too. What a dumbass.

Like I said above I’m not proposing she be shot in the toes to slow her down but slotting a 75 year old lady with dementia at that point in this particular confrontation seems excessive to me based on a lot of relevant experience. It sucks as that officer could well be fucked now and a bit of extra training or a slightly different approach could have prevented it.

However I’m also well aware that opinions are like assholes as everyone has one.

Every time something like this happens, people make the “training” excuse. It’s a cop-out. It’s a way to absolve the criminal of culpability and responsibility for his action. They get plenty of training. Unfortunately, you can’t train away the law enforcement culture or what’s in a person’s heart and what’s in his mind.

He was gifted with an opportunity to kill a Mexican grandmother and he relished in that opportunity. It fell into his lap (carpe diem), and he was more than happy to take it, because he can justify it.

Was she a Salamanca?

Haha fuck that lady

Seems like a hassle.