Video: SuperBrawl 3 (1997)

SuperBrawl 3 -  January 17, 1997

Blaisdell Arena, Honolulu, Hawaii


Pat Miletich vs Jason Nicholsen

Ray Cooper vs Taro Obata

Doug Murphy vs Duke Pa’aaina

Pete Williams vs John Renfroe

Jay R. Palmer vs Danny Bennett

Frank Shamrock vs John Lober


Danny's KO's over JR were sick.

Holy shit. First time I've seen this about 10 years. My friend from high school who got me into MMA used to spend most of his paychecks on the few overpriced VHS tapes of MMA events that were available back then.


I have that on store-bought VHS tape. Great event.

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Have this on DVD somewhere. Think I got it as a free gift when I ordered a few DVDs from an old MMA store. Some great scraps.

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Didn't WCW put on superbrawl? Phone Post

marcp13 -  Didn't WCW put on superbrawl? Phone Post

Ah...more old school memories. Superbrawl was one of WCW's annual major PPVs during the 90s.


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 Superbrawls started out as FutureBrawls in Hawaii.

 ^ Loved the FutureBrawls, raw nhb

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