VIDEO - SWEET two move chain drill from guard

 What's going on everyone.

This is a chain drill that I created no to long ago from two drills that some of you may know already.  It's a combination fo the "swinging armbar" drill and the "rocking omo plata" drill.  Basicallly I two the two movements and I combined them for a really cool drill that I definitely feel will help make your movements smoother from the bottom, plus I think it can be a good combination to "advance" your basics.

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Thanks Jason!!

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Anarkis - The board ate my post! Keep up the technique video blitz! posted in Atama :-)...I will...have another one coming soon...One of my favorite passes with some comp footage.


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 Good stuff


I'm 6' 2" 250lb and not so flexable any longer, so that simple armbar drill gives me a little trouble now.  Guess I should do it more.



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Very cool, thanks!!!

 You're welcome

 Great post! I hope to see more. I would love to be able to move that effectively on bottom. We do the armbar and omoplata drills, but this one might break up the routine a little bit more, and help me to look for the armbar off of a missed omoplata and vice versa.

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Two great old school drills third one sick to a great add on for drills thanks Jason keep them coming