VIDEO: Switch armbar and 1/2 guard

We're re-releasing an older DVD that a lot of you have probably seen. If not, Tools of the Trade 2 is at a super low price of just $7.99 with free shipping for anybody in the US. Over 30 techniques on here from 8 different BJJ black belts.

Find it at

First technique here is Ricardo Guimaraes of Gracie Barra Temecula. 2nd technique is Shawn Williams of Renzo Gracie/Hollywood BJJ showing a pretty sick half guard sweep. Enjoy.

Nice. Thanks for posting that.

You're welcome, I'll try posting another technique from the DVD later on tonight if you guys want.

Yeah, thank you very much.

Hope you guys have success hitting that sweep! I'm working on uploading another technique right now.

that 1/2 guard sweep made me pull out my card and buy that sucker! 7.95 - its well worth it


What shipping method do you use?  I ordered mat methods the other day and was just wondering what method you use (its not late or anything).

Regular first class postal. Priority if it's a larger order, and always global priority for international. You can e-mail us at and I can let you know exactly when it went or goes out. I go to the post office mondays, weds and fridays, so worst case scenario for you would it be going out Friday. thanks.

I ordered on Sunday so if I don't see it tomorrow or Saturday I will shoot you an email.  Thanks

This is just a one time deal right--by purchasing I'm not signing up for any monthly dvd deal?  I only ask because this happened with On The Mat--they had a little deceptive advertising when I purchased their 3 dvds for $10.

That half guard sweep is nice.

Thanks. The half guard sweep was cool.

Yes this is a one time deal, you get charged $7.99 one time and 1 DVD and that is it.

super cool half guard sweep


Sweet!  Thanks!  I ordered.  Tried the half guard sweep but my opponent stuffed my leg

Here's a crazy idea: If your opponent leans away from you when you try that half guard sweep, i.e. he tries very hard not to get his weight on you, couldn't you take his back or roll him over to the other side by doing a reverse somersault over his back? I'm talking about straightening your left leg and try to get your leg and your hips across his back and to the other side of him. Then you try to free your head out from underneath you.

Do you understand my description?

I think I know what you mean Jonpall.

I guess that once your all bent up like that, you can use your right hand that is grabbing his gi pants and let go of that, then place that on the mat to help you get the leverage to flip backwords and end up on top.

A move like that sure would impress the bystanding ladies.