Video trailer for new MMA game

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                                Video trailer for new MMA game

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Supremacy MMA Debut Game Trailer Released Finally, a real fighting game that doesn’t hide behind licenses and candy coating…this is what MMA should be about. 505 Games let loose the first in-game footage of their upcoming Supremacy MMA fighting game from Kung Fu Factory and it’s not for the lighthearted or squeamish.

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better than expected

LOL at the dude with the broken leg! Looks pretty cool. I wonder if they'll make the controls like UFC Undisputed or EA's MMA.

needs more pitbulls

Looks fun, anyone know when it's out?

Dr Violence - Looks fun, anyone know when it's out?

I don't think its been announced when it will be released yet.

I wonder if there is an option like the movie "Best of the Best 2," where the audience decides whether the dude with the broken leg lives or dies.

looked like shit to me...

 you should have to win this game before being allowed to by UFC or EA MMA

Yeah, I will play the shit out of this. I know you guys spend weeks sitting and memorizing all the adjustments and combos and doing dream and career modes. I really dont have the time to get that deep into it and I dont really play online. This is perfect for when my brothers are over and we're getting hammered and want to smash some kneecaps. Madden gets old. Right now, we play UFC 2010 because the stand up fights are more fun than in EA sports, but I have both and I WILL have this =) Fighters uncaged looked more like street fighter 5 or something. I didnt get that. Hopefully this will be out someday soon. thanks for the link.

 Yea, that looked hilarious.

I'll rent it.

 Gamestop says release date is May 3rd.

I think it looks fun as shit.  It's totally the Blitz, Backyard Wrestling, etc of MMA, but looks sick.

I saw a guy break someone's leg with a leg kick (regardless of plausibility), and saw a jumping double foot stop to the face.  If it lets me do that in the game, I'm fuckin' sold.

It'd be more realistic if the leg break happened from throwing a kick rather than being kicked 

 the makers of the game say June is the release but no specific date. Jens Pulver has a role in the game.

Wow...looks horrible.

Video games are supposed to be fun...and this looks fucking fun to me.