VIDEO: Wade Rome vs. Pedepano

Wade Rome vs. Pedepano
Bad Breed TV
During the 2004, Arnold Gracie World Submission Championships Pedepano beat Wade Rome in a controversial decision. This is that bout. Watch the video and make your own decision.
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How exactly do I dl it?

it's free. Just create an account and watch it Once you have you can watch as many videos as you like. It's really simple.

It's not really simple actually, the process is a little convoluted. But free is good. Thanks.

Actually, once you have an account setup it's really straight forward. We hope you enjoy the videos.

Well... it's worth figuring out.

I saw some Bad Breed DVDs at my local video store the other day. Good job at getting those out there.

The process was simple and thanks for the free vid!

Did Pe de Pano win that match????

Rome scored a take down and had superior position twice in that match.

Pe De Frying Pano looked he a black belt?????

Hey I didn't know you guys had the DVD for the Arnolds 2004?

I just ordered one. 19.95 for a DVD with that many matches on it is a great deal, can't wait to see it.

Thanks. The videos is really cool, it's 4-hours of ALL the Pro no-gi and men's Pro Black Belt. It will also be available retail nationwide very soon.

Awesome, keep up the good work!

Downloading that video is insanely difficult. I think that website was designed by drunk monkeys. Do I really have to go through a checkout process to watch a video?

I can't believe that people are complaining about getting FREE fights from Badbreed! The website is not poorly designed, and if you were able to sign up for an account here you should be intelligent enough to figure out how to get the FREE videos from Badbreed!

Thanks again for all the free vids!!!

Yes. I like to monkey around.

Yeah. Free. Except for the three minutes of ads you have to sit through before you can watch it. If I hadn't walked away for my computer for a while while the ads ran, I would have closed the video screen before I ever realized that was the video I was supposed to be watching.

No sweat. We are in the process of adding OVER 1500 HOURS ( A FUCK LOAD!) of FREE videos. This system let's us manage all the footage.

Its free... Im not gonna bitch. Thanks bad breed tv

WOW! Welcome back to the Underground Bad Breed. Did you ever answer all of those questions on the other threads? This guy laughs at the UG. He screws up, rips people off, then just disappears for a few days and when he comes back it's like everyone forgot. Give me a break. I've been hearing "OVER 1500 HOURS" added by the end of this month for two months and they've only gotten a couple fights and a bunch of grappling that they call fighting up. Puuuhhhhleeasse Bad Breed is a joke. Yeah, I want to go back there and give you my mailing address, my full name, my preferred method of payment, I want to check out, I want to get an email, I want to watch a bunch of ads. Since you're here now why don't you go and answer some of the questions on the FFC thread??? Hey, how about a blue dude ttt'ing one of the MANY Bad Breed FFC threads and let them finally answer some of the unresolved problems.

I signed up and downloaded the video, but after the head shaving ad and the cassa grosse thing it just stops, there wan't any match on the vid I downloaded.

LOL - Sounds like Fightfan419 just paid for FFC 9!

I signed up and it brought me to the purchase page. I don't see where I am to Download it at. Help please? Thanks in advance.