Videogames are absolute shit now


Sony are woke lib queers now

I remember getting the first Titanfall day 1 thinking it was going to be awesome. I kept telling people it was gonna be the game that Halo/Cod passed the torch to

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Titanfall was ass

Destiny is one of the worst games I’ve ever played in my life and that was BUNGIE. Massive disappointment

343 studios ruined Halo

Cod hasn’t been good in a long time although I did enjoy WW2 even though most hated it

Gears 4 and 5 were actually solid NGL

EA has ruined Madden and don’t even fucking get me started on their two Star Wars Battlefront games. Putrid with a capital P

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If you have a talk about culture and values, any talk will inevitably and reliably run into problems because of the way fake conservative pundits have prepped the debate. As some of you might know, conservatism today is the art of flopping on your belly with dignity.
“I spread my asscheeks because it’s the right thing to do”
Almost all key issues (migration, crime, race, gaining or wielding political power and so on) have been counter intuitively inverted. And the victims of the brainwashing will proudly signal their abuse:

Your average groomed conservative will inisist there is no race, just like the marxists intended.

Same thing here. Your average right wing gamer will insist that female heroes are fine, just like the marxists intended.

Let the facts sink in: kickass females in media are not just a strange but harmless trope, they literally shape brains of teenagers. This is not a 80s action flic where a power gal will have two or three fight scenes and a bad pun where she’s showing the machos that strong women should be respected.
You son might sink in hundreds of hours in a game, to gain respect from his friends, to pass the time while chatting or to beat l33t highscores. All the while subconsciously idenifying with a hyperrealistic avatar with huge tits.

This grooming by identifying with media avatars worked with TV and it works even better in games. Gamers are super liberal. The “elite” of gamers are actual, factual trannies or are what’s called allies. The countries with the strongest ties to gaming, Japan and Korea, suffers from the most infertile and unmanly population.

Like so often, what I am saying shouldn’t be controversial.
If you think degeneracy is a problem, the least you can do is avoid it. Porn is bad, right? So don’t watch it. Try to steer your kids away from it in order to minimise exposure.
And why would that not be the case with strong female avatars as well?

Starfield is coming.

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Not before GOW ragnarock.

Would love to hear stukies take on what he reads about that game when its out lol

There are gems out there … in the last 5 years, like Bloodborne, but I do agree that the rise of MTX is killing gaming.

Minecraft is for children.

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nice gif but I don’t think I said one thing that’s even mildly questionable.

Truly, we’re living in times most bizarre. The real jawdropper, however, is people not seeing that. Or those who go out of their way to signal how things are perfectly in order.

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I think everything you said is highly questionable and the opposite of real life. Conservatives don’t see race? Teenage boys think females are strong? Most gamers are liberals? Elite gamers are trannies? Koreans and Japanese are infertile?

You sound like a liberal trying to sound like a conservative.

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I didn’t even read his fucking meltdown on a thread about video games haha. I don’t know what’s wrong with him today.

I think you’ve checked out of reality.
Must be cozy over there in your headspace.
Did they serve you your crackpipe with a complimentary waifu today?

Haha, now I know you’re a liberal, insults/attacks instead of answers.

What answers, everything from your list

is exactly as I said (are you taking the piss?).

You want to live in la-la land. Fine by me.

Just saying something doesn’t make it true, classic liberal move…