Videos from Polish BJJ academy

Uploaded some videos of my students and myself:

Akademia Sarmatia HL from amateur MMA turnament

Akademia Sarmatia HL from submission wrestling competitions

MMA fight Pawel Ziolkowski (myself) vs Michal Mucka

MMA fight Tomasz Fiuk vs Leszek Janowski

MMA fight Krzysztof Piechota vs Lukasz Steinke

Amateur MMA fight Tomasz Fiuk vs Artur Kadlubek

MMA fight Karol Matuszczak (my teacher) vs Tomasz Jamroz- first MMA fight in Poland

Submission wrestling fight Pawel Ziolkowski vs Joost van Leeuwe

And non our academy video - Hl Daido Juku kudo (ex karate)


Is BJJ big in Poland? I remember seeing the gi MMA matches from Poland, and I thought that was pretty cool.

I am an American of Polish heritage, and my best training partners happen to be Polish too. My very Polish grandfather was a boxer as well. I really don't know much about it,but it seems that Polish people like to scrap.

Where in Poland is this academy? I am originaly from Bialystok.

We recently had Roberto Atalla teaching in Greece for a week and he said he's got a bunch of schools in Poland and that although the BJJ community is small - it's very tight and connected with a lot of activity (considering the number of people)

I've also seen some videos with mma type rules but everyone's wearing a gi - cool shit.

Lazlo. We have about 20 gyms in Bjj-Poland team under Roy Harris, and some gyms under another instructors (Atalla, Draculino, Patino, Cadu, Nino, Boi). That gi matches was International Polish Full-Contact Ju-Jitsu Championships (, tournament with rules similar to Lumax Cup and competitors from Poland and former Soviet Union.
Dokkalfar. In Gdansk