Videos of 1942 ranger school training

Pretty fucking badass!!!


The dog totally fucked up on the jungle crawl course

Imagine telling those guys that in 80 years, Americans would be hiding in their basements and wearing masks for a year over a flu. And we would be recruiting purple haired, he/she’s into the military.

Kind of makes you wonder what the country will look like in 2100.


Anyone know who the H2H instructor is?

It was probably Francois d’Eliscu

Killer Instinct: How One Man Taught U.S. Rangers to Fight Dirty in WWII (

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cool vid. the rough and tumble with the bag looked fun.

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I don’t know who that guy was but I know former Heavyweight world boxing champion Jack Dempsey used to provide similar training to troops and seemed well schooled based on film inother forms of fighting than just fisticuffs.

That flame thrower training was gnarly.

the guy looked to be Asian at, least the H2H instructor in the beginning “American Judo” part

imagine being an American soldier being taught how to fight by a (ethnically) Japanese/Asian guy in the early 1940s?

mind fuck at first, im sure lol

This guy created the modern SWAT team from Asian martial arts:

Some sources say judoka/pro wrestler Kaimon Kudo taught Rangers H2H in Hawaii. I couldn’t find a photo of him online to compare

reminds me of when i was a kid, we played kill the man with the ball.
basically, we had a football. whoever had it took off running, with everyone else chasing him, trying to tackle the shit out of him, get the ball, and try to keep it as long as you can. rinse and repeat.
couldn’t tell you how many times we got in trouble at school for playing.
it could start at any time. we could be throwing the football, and take off running. the other guys would just instinctively start chasing. like a pack off wild dogs. it would get pretty rough.
stupid i know, but fuck, it was fun.



Kill the carrier or “Smear the queer”.

Great game.