Videos on S.P.E.A.R.


Do you recommend someone to buy your SPEAR fundamentals series before they go out and buy SPEAR for MMA or SPEAR X-treme? I was looking at the video descriptions and SPEAR X-treme really caught my attention. Thanks for your help!



SPEAR Fundamentals is a great place to start, although if I were you I'd pick up BYOB2 since it includes SPEAR X-treme and SPEAR Fundamentals plus alot more for only $149.00 plus S&H.

The SPEAR for MMA you could pick up at the same time and save on the shipping. Or if you already have a tape from BYOB we could make an exchange.

Hope that helps.


Thanks Phil, the only tape I have now is Take it to the streets and the manual. That package deal is a good one. Thanks for pointing it out!