Vidieo of Rickson vs Yoji Anjo?

I remembered a BJJ guy I trained with who was Japanese used to get the Japanese fight magazines.
It had snapshots of Rickson. One I recall was Rickson being held up by a student and Rickson was just wearing a sweat pants. But Rickson was very mad
because the Japanese press did a whole setup.
I don't want to disrespect my Japanese friends
but Rickson was taunted and ridiculed. He gave the man a beatdown and there's a picture of Anjo with his
face covered in blood. The Japanese press took pictures wherever they could. But I think after the fight, Rickson let the press in. Anjoh was on the floor lying down.

lol, his face is messed up in that second one.

In the video Rickson is taping his hands as he drives to the school. Limao or Kim called him. Rockson was probably video taping him as they drove down. I watched the video with Rickson. There was a point in time while Rickson was beating the shit out of the Japanese guy Rockson was getting pumped and was yelling. While Rickson was giving me the play by play he explained to me when Rockson was yelling " He told him to settle down that could be him meaning Rickson someday" It was great. And right away Rockson toned it down!!

It was not a masterful tape job. He was putting white athletic tape around his knuckles as headed to his academy.

I think there is a article about it.

Cool posts Elferoz and Momentum. Thanks

Seems to me he taped the hands at the Academy with Duct Tape. I smell BS in some peoples post's.

lol at the bullshit.... why would u lie about seeing the tape if u really didnt? Some people are BS'ng on this thread

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