Vietnam vet brutalized at VA clinic

There are far too many threads where people have a knee-jerk reaction to videos that have very little context.

It wasn’t clear that both men are black in the video and we don’t know what was said or done before the ‘caregiver’ put his hand in the veteran’s face. Regardless, it was a gross overreaction that might have killed the old man.

I don’t see any justification for the brutal beating - vet or not - and it adds insult to injury to have the attacker still working at that facility even if he is prohibited from interacting with patients. His ass should be fired.

The victim was black too you retard

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Black on black crime happens more than any other type.

If his name was dr asshole, you should have known what to expect, dummy


It may have been a misunderstanding that went too far. I’m sure an investigation will get this sorted out

Just what i imagined

Fuck I knew I’ve been doing shit wrong!

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shit stain better be prosecuted federally…its a VA facility. That shit was excessive even if the vet grabbed/pushed his hand out of his face.

Other than all the LGBTQ shit plastered all over the walls, the VA here seems pretty good so far.

I remember a staff meeting I went to once where some flunky was explaining all the new LGBTQ rules and guidelines and language and so on.

One thing she mentioned was that we had to ask ALL Veterans about their sexual preferences and practices. No exceptions.

The shrink who worked in the nursing home piped up and said “I’d like for you to come with me and stand in front of me when I ask these 70-80 year old guys (many Vietnam vets) if they like to engage in sex with men.”

The dumbass speaker didn’t get what he was saying and said “Do you think you need support when doing this? I’m not sure I can do this for many clinics.”

The guy (supremely nice dude, he’s a friend of mine) lost his shit and said “No, you idiot, I’m saying if you ask these men these types of questions, they will PUNCH YOU IN THE FACE AND KEEP PUNCHING UNTIL THEY GET TIRED OF IT. This is stupid, and I absolutely refuse to say any of this. If you want it said, YOU go do it.”

I swear, every week I get notifications of new hospital seminars on trans Veterans and trans rights and so on. Nothing on cancer, diabetes, hypertension, Alzheimer’s, you know, the shit that ROUTINELY happens. No, LGBT is all we focus on.


resources spent on NONSENSE!


EXACTLY why we need FULL UNIVERSAL HEALTHCARE. When CIVILIAN and VETS get the SAME QUALITY of HealthCare then there will be BETTER REGULATION which will result in VETERANS do not have to rely on a lesser quality product which thinks it can treat them with such lack of respect

lesser quality?

Ive heard both types of stories about VA. I have PPO insurance and can go to specialists like my ortho-surgeon in a private clinic without referals. One of my disabilities is my ankles…I can even get him to do the left ankle surgery under the VA he told me.

When I went to them for treatment, they asked if I was ok with community care (CC) and asked me if I had a particular podiatrist and PT I wanted to use. I got to go to my PT I used for my ACL rehab.

I can walk into one of the many CC urgent care clinics all over and give them my VHIC and no copay or bill…had covid in december and couple weeks ago my ankle blew out, fot xrays right there, etc. If I go an urgent care more than 3 times a year, then it would cost me $30 copay.

They aggressive on 6mos routine checkups, bugging you about colonscoping, etc. If you have an outside system emergency room visit, hand them the card or tell them you are VA within 72hr of admittance and you get stabilized and sent to VAMC or VA might say treat there and bill the VA…vet sees NOTHING. I never used this yet, but that is how it works.

VA has given me thousands of dollars of treatment in CC docs and clinics…not a dime on my part.

I dunno about lesser quakity, I use it for most things the last 2yrs and seems fine.

that’s the point. Universal HealthCare will give EVERYONE the SAME QUALITY so that there will be less “both types of stories” because in the Civilian Culture if one is not treated in respectable humane manner then there’s going to be some Lawyers quickly getting involved!

How will UHC work? Fixed rates for providers? As it is now insurance companies negotiate pricing…in many cases docs refuse treatment if your insurance reimbursement suck balls…my wife has been a medicare auditor and reimbursement anakyst for provider for over 25yrs. She’ll take her insurance over any UHC. If UHC comes to fruition, many people will lose their insurance because companies will save the expense.

Good docs will just tefuse to accept and only deal with people who have good insurance. Ive had this happen…and I have excellent insurance, but doc didnt like being dictated to and I had to go to another specialist.

VA is a huge institution…and it has a lot of problems. It is slow to maneuver because not only does it have bugetary constraints, it has administative and regulatory burdens. It is a mandated service that is EARNED y its recipients. UHC, like other social welfare programs are overwhelmed by parasites feeding at the public trough. NOPE, DONT WANT IT.