Vietnamese coffee

I have a Vietnamese coffee shop next to my apartment. Nice looking place, just never been.

What's the difference with their coffee? Thought I heard Vietnamese iced coffee is awesome or something. Phone Post 3.0

The clerk eats the beans and then shits out your special coffee....enjoy

It's delicious.  Mainly, it's strong coffee with condensed milk

I am married to a Vietnamese woman and she would bring me this stuff when we were dating. I never cared for iced coffee but this stuff is the tits.

Yeah i visited vietnam... for a... thing...
a couple years ago. The coffee was awesome. Slow drip with condenced milk over ice. Phone Post 3.0

So it's just the iced one that makes in unique? Phone Post 3.0

Gritty, it's the condensed milk that makes it different. Basically it's sweeter, fattier and more delicious if you like coffee.

My wife's family drinks tons of it. It's funny because every Vietnamese-American parent tells their kids "don't drink that! It's bad for you!" even though the parent drinks it multiple times a week.

Yeah it really is just the sweet condenced milk that makes it stand alone. The stuff i had in vietnam was really dark espresso quality coffee, but nothing special you cant get here in the states. Phone Post 3.0

Mencken - 

It's delicious.  Mainly, it's strong coffee with condensed milk

Mencken -

It's delicious.  Mainly, it's strong coffee with condensed milk

This. It's delicious over ice. Phone Post 3.0

I had one yesterday from Lee's Sandwiches Phone Post 3.0

It's made with Robusta beans, can grow at sea level. They are generally considered to be vastly inferior to Arabica beans, which need higher altitudes to grow well.

I have it every time I eat a bowl of pho.

I usually half and half my coffee. Will I ruin it by doing that? Phone Post 3.0


there's one these in S,Jose^^^

Make sure you are near a toilet , it can have a amazing laxative effect sometimes. Phone Post 3.0

Best I've had,and I'm a junkie Phone Post 3.0

kalki - there's one these in S,Jose^^^

That one's in OC, socal. Funny, there's a few pics on their instagram of Rampage hanging out there.

Mencken -

It's delicious.  Mainly, it's strong coffee with condensed milk

This. Phone Post 3.0