Viewing Jones/Tarver2 in Fargo, ND

I am going to be in Fargo, ND during the weekend when Roy Jones Jr. and Antonio Tarver have their rematch. I am not from there so if anyone could let me know where I should go, to go see that PPV, I would appreciate it.

No I don't have family "up" there.

I actually live in Winnipeg about 6 hours NORTH of there so the winter isn't any better here. I am just there for a weekend. KOA had a promotion of a free day of camping on Friday the 14th so I decided, what the heck, let's go somewhere.

Probably a shopping trip for the wife more than anything. I booked the weekend before the Jones/Tarver match was announced by the way.

Hey a little respect for Canada buddy!!

Be right back...Santa's at the door...

Daym. The day approaches and I still don't know if I'll get to see it or not....


Just for the record, I did get to see it at the Buffalo Wild Wings Bar and Grill just north of the Fargo Dome.

What a shock it was.

Good thing I had an electrical site, a space heater (for my friends), and electric blanket in my trailer for the weekend though. It was pretty cold at night.