Vigneaults and Diaz?

Well the Jan TKO card is already changing: Vigneault isn't on the website, either is Simba VS Diaz. The fact that St Pierre doesn't have an opponent...doesn't this sound like Loiseau being used as a marketing tool to sell tickets at the last show when Stephane had NO INTENTIONS of getting him an opponent, eh? But I'm pessimistic, hehe!

Wasn't I right that Patry and TKO have fallen off the Lionheart bandwagon?

ttt......answer me someone ??

Steve Vigneault was in a pro boxing match last
week and lost rather convincingly with three knock
downs in the first round. This required the Athletic
commision to pull his licence for 90 days as per
procedure regarding TKOs.

I am not arguing with you, just pointing out the

no you weren't right. you actually couldn't be any more wrong. Vigneault can't fight for medical reasons, period. Why the hell would TKO not want him on the card? Hmmmmmm....he helped build the company, he's a great fighter, he's exciting, the fans love him....?

Vigneault vs St-Louis is now scheduled for TKO 20.

He's not a big draw anymore.
Cote : KO
Fontaine : KO
Boxing debut : KO

TKO is happy because with the loss in the boxing fight, how many people will be lining up to see him fight now? 90 days....that's fine,my bad

Where's Simba vs Diaz ?? We know the push is going to Simba 'cause he's french but where is he? Everybody knows Patry doesn't want Rice as their champ....

Antico, who's St Pierre fighting? Will he be on the promo poster like Loiseau was on last card and didn't fight...Lie to the fans that he's fighting when you really have nobody.

Good marketing strategy Patry and many guys were at the last show...1600 ? If Loiseau and Duquette weren't on the scam poster, you would have been lucky to get 1000 fans.

He knew ahead of time that both weren't fighting and did have time to change the posters....

All my facts are the TRUTH ...."inside scoop....leakage from tko".....

"In your ass" to false advertising!

^^^In response to your post I've got one word, HUH?

ST Pierre IS fighting. You'll have to wait for official word to learn who he's fighting.

Simba's hurt. Diaz is still fighting.

JUst my 2 cents but since St Peezy, Loiseau, and Cote all have UFC stuff on the go, contracts etc. If I was their manager I wouldn't have them fight anywhere else if they could avoid it.

You saw what happened to Spratt. Loiseau losing to Horn after he lost to Riviara seems to be an issue too.

Why not let these top TKO guys sit out and bring in fresh blood? That way they don't lose anything at UFC level.

However, in the meantime start having more WORLD champion matches.

dougie, what ucc dvd's do you have?

I wonder if Diaz will get to fight for an interim-interin

SLW championship.

That way eventually everyone in the division can
potentially be a champion and every fight can be
for a championship.

Yes this is absurd, but what was an interin
championship two months after the "real"
championship was won?

What do you think about The Inter(im)-Continental

I hear what you're saying Dougie. But St-Pierre and Cote probably won't have a fight in the UFC 'till April. Oct 22 until April? That's a long time to wait.

Antico - I agree that it's a long time to wait. I am also not saying that I think it's right. I am saying from a business point of view if I was their manager that is what I would do. Also, if I was the TKO promotor I would have them at events shaking hands and meeting fans, taking pics etc to keep them int he fans minds and keep the fans from coming out.

If they do that sort of thing it would keep the fans there and be good promotions. It would also keep them in the fans minds. But, it would make room for a ton of talented guys to fight and bring up through the ranks. That way you don't have the same guys always fighting and you take care of the the fighters primed for UFC.

tdiddy - I have 6 & 7.

Sled Dog - Rice is the champ at the moment. He should not be denied that. This interm thing is crap. This makes 3 belts in the that division. That's wrong.

If TKO doesn't like that their champ got beaten then they should have the nuts to deal with it. Hell, set up the top 2 contenders to fight and then put the interm against the champ. The interm means he's the guy the champ fights next. Don't deny Rice his championship I say. It just makes it crappy for him and anyone fighting for that belt.

LOL at Sled Dog's Interm Championship post.

Gotta admit that was hillarious.

To TheRealTruth

He knew ahead of time that both weren't fighting and did have time to change the posters....
All my facts are the TRUTH ...."inside scoop....leakage from tko".....
"In your ass" to false advertising!

I don’t know about M Loiseau

But can you elaborate on the fact that TKO knew ahead of time for Duquette not fighting and you’re inside scoop regarding that.

Thank you in advance

Yves Lavigne
QAC ref

According to a TKO press release I received today David Loiseau did not fight in the last TKO event because they didn't want to take a chance since he was going to fight Joe Riggs on UFC 51.

That's correct Sled Dog.

FYI - Riggs vs. Loiseau was in negotiation for a while but not signed until after TKO 18.

This thread is heading in an interesting direction.

Hi Yves,

Hope all is well with you.

See you soon!


It's about to get ugly in here.


Regarding what you said about St-Pierre & Cote attending TKO events and shaking people's hands etc... That's exactly what they do. THey're at all TKO events whether they're fighting or not. They're in several people's corner. They're in the big screen ads that are run in between fights. And at TKO 17 Stephane brought them in the ring to talk about UFC 50.

I certainly think TKO's using St-Pierre & Cote to their fullest. And I respect TKO (dare I say that :) ) for having them fight in between UFC fights. Will it result in putting fans in the seats? That's the big question that remains to be seen.

I'm interested to hear what you guys think about St-Pierre's opponent. Personally, I think it's a solid opponent with a proven record and certainly NOT an easy fight. Contract should be signed in a few days (fingers crossed).